The one thing we should do with most care before we start prototyping is choosing the right tool.


Emily Schwartzman,interaction designer at Cooper has put together an awesome list of the best prototyping tools out there. We thought she did a great job comparing and evaluating the main features we look for, or should look for, in a prototyping tool. Her comparison table also doubles as a prototyping tool finder that you can filter and sort by type of prototype and/or features. If that wasn’t enough, you can click on each tool’s logo to get a brief description as well as each’s learning curve,pros, cons and, cost.



Prior to this updated list, Emily explains all about how she selected
the tools, her evaluation criteria and its results in “Designer’s
Toolkit: Road Testing Prototype Tools”.


Either for yourself or your team, we believe this is a good starting
point if you have an idea or project in mind and are just stuck picking a
prototyping tool –no doubt you’ll find something that fits your
workflow there!


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